Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Still waiting on the bank

Well, title says it all.  We are still waiting for a response from the bank.  We know it went over to appraisals because they finally cashed our check.  I'm making a basic assumption that they would have ran our finances before it went to appraisals so we should be nearing the end of the process of the bank part.  Either they will say yes or no.

I've contact two Indiana goat breeders to let them know we would be trying to obtain dairy goats in the spring.  I was thinking on getting two, I figure at just under a gallon a day, two would allow me to have milk to make ice cream, cheese, store some and have plenty to drink too.  Also in the plans are some broilers and layers.

I'll be glad once we get going on all this stuff, its stressful around here right now with the way things are around the apartment.  We're pretty squished and just lots going on.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


There is nothing going on right now.  We hired the builder, we are waiting for the financing and the garden has slowed WAY down. 
I've been dreaming.  I still have lots of that going on.