Friday, December 24, 2010

House shopping

After the holidays we are going to look at houses.  I'm pretty excited and nervous about it too.  On one hand, I've put so much energy into the land we have and trying to get a house on it that I think I'm having some trouble letting that idea go completely.  On the other, it would be pretty exciting to have both and having both really expands our possibilities. 

There are a few complications to the idea of having two properties.  One big one being that there is no water source on the current lot so we may have to consider either hauling water, digging or having dug for us a well or setting up some really creative rain water containment system.

I have a lot of ideas roaming about in my head of things to do if we had two plots to work with.  Growing crops and trees on the one we aren't living on comes to mind....that would leave us free from having to do much over there in inclement and winter weather.  This spring, house or not we'll be adding in critters so I should have some lovely pictures once we get going. 

I expect this will be my last post for the year and maybe for a while (or at least until I order seeds) so have a happy holidays!


  1. I know this is out-of-the-blue, but I was searching for somewhere to get milk kefir grains in Indianapolis and your post came up on a local forum from earlier this year. My question is do you still occasionally have milk kefir grains to share? I actually live close to Anderson, so I could pick them up.

    Let me know! You can contact me at juliekillion at yahoo dot com. I couldn't find any other way to contact you, so I hope this is okay! :)



  2. Its fine and right now I do have some. I'll drop you an email :)