Monday, August 29, 2011

Pictures from today

 I took some pictures today, I don't have a ton to report so I'll let the pictures and captions tell it.

Love finding a Praying Mantis of this size in the garden

Mammoth sunflowers

new radish seedlings

This is "One Eye" Willy, he's a silver leghorn...he's in a cage because "The Dude" would kill him.

Broody hen day #3 out of what 21

Broad breasted Turkey hens at 20 weeks old

Broad breasted white Tom, 20 weeks
a face only a mother.....who am I kidding, I can't wait to have him for dinner

One of our original "mutt" hens.  (off to the side is a curious turkey inspecting my camera)

My handsome boy!

Our pullets, now 20 weeks.  The two in the back are Blue Andalusians, the front is a Buff Orphington

My son just loves these girls, they almost let him touch them

Our latest trick to get the older girls to lay in the same place all the time....wooden eggs from Hobby Lobby.  Its working!!

 Our feed organization system.  The upper two are sunflower seeds and cracked corn.  The two below them are chick starter and layer feed.  The two off to the right are dairy goat feed and alfalfa pellet.  In the shelf above those I keep bags of loose minerals, baking soda, kelp and diamond x yeast

York, looking over the gate as usual

see that farm in the back there?  I just love seeing the sunset over that farm.  It'd be nice if I didn't have to see our torn up yard (septic field replacement) to look at it.

"The Dude" our White Wyandotte flock rooster

Bruce the African goose, our flock guardian

Kissee loves apples, so does my son

Our cayuga crested drake and unknown crested gray drake


  1. I love seeing all the photos of your world and its happy inhabitants. Great captions, too. With a praying mantis that size, you are doing it right! Here's to plentiful harvests.

  2. Thanks! I haven't sprayed anything so I think that helps (but I've been very tempted- squash bugs!).

  3. Ah yes. The notorious squash bugs. I could live without them, too. :)