Thursday, October 6, 2011

Goings on in the fall garden

rainbow chard, planted in July is going strong
Packman broccoli, in flower.  This attracts a lot of bees and other pollinators
My lettuce and spinach patch, now about 30 days or so old and we are picking from it.  Cut and come again style.
My root trio- radish, beet and carrot.  Radishes are about done, beets in about 30 days and carrots for winter.
This radish is starting to bolt.  Its easy to tell from the broken leaves (usually its one big leaf, lobed leaves are for bolting radishes)
same trio bed with radishes removed.  It really loosens the soil nicely for the beets and carrots to grow
from near to far: turnips, rutabaga, kohlrabi and spinach....all 30 days in
hard to see but if you look closely I've got onion seed sprouts started here to overwinter for spring next year.
Spring lettuce gone to seed.  Also attracts pollinators and provides me some seeds.
anyone know what this is?

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