Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Meet Freya....or at least I think that's what we are naming her

She's our new Great Pyrenees puppy, 8 weeks old and what a doll.  She has big shoes to fill as she gets older....right now, she's our puppy and getting to know us.


  1. Oh Melody I wish we lived closer. You're a good several steps ahead of us. I've been trying to convince everyone a girl like that would do a great job on our farm! No luck yet. Can't wait to see how it goes. Sorry about mama goat and babies.

  2. Oh, she is adorable. I've got a friend who has a pair of Great Pyrenees- in the house. They are quite sweet but they only tend the children.

  3. Rachael, ditto :) We love to share our adventures...surely no shortage of those either around here. It's interesting how full your life gets with all this land and bodies to care for.

    fullfreezer- she might end up being the same way. She's been introduced to all the critters but my husband clearly want a family/farm dog rather than a LGD (livestock guardian dog) so hopefully she'll serve both purposes but we'll be ok if she just ends up being a family dog.