Monday, January 13, 2014

Trade School Indy: Cheese Making 101

I signed on to be a Trade School Indy Instructor!  It's a very exciting way for me to share the love of cheese making with more people and I'm supporting the Julian Center too.

If you are here because of Trade School Indy, welcome!  Welcome to my blog!  I have a couple of posts related to cheese making I'll add links to at the bottom of this post.

To those who will be attending my class, all you'll need is milk and cheese cloth.  I'll be providing you with recipes and an outline and my business card which has my contact info on it.  I have a Facebook group just for cheese making class questions:

I post articles related to cheese making and class schedules.  I do teach a few classes beyond 101 if you decide you want more than just the basics.

About milk, you are looking for raw, gently pasteurized or standard temp pasteurization.  Ultra-pasteurized, flash pasteurized and aseptic milks will not work for mozzarella.  If that's all you can find though, bring it, we'll still use it.  It still makes ricotta and soft cheese fine.

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