Saturday, October 16, 2010

Channeling a great grandmother?

Today we celebrated my grandfather's 85th birthday.  It was lovely to see family and enjoy a good time with some good food. 

Strange conversation topic came up between my grandparents and my uncle about some foods that my grandmother's mother used to make.  It all started with me talking about the baking I did yesterday; I made 16 loaves of bread and 4 dozen cookies for a bake sale.  It reminded them of my great grandmother baking many loaves of bread at a time.  A little further into the conversation they were talking about some of her German cooking....things like fried brains and some kind of loaf that contained tongue, heart, liver and oatmeal (and/or cornmeal) that was chopped, congealed, baked and sliced.  I'm not sure how likely it is that I would make those exact dishes but they spoke of the dishes with a great deal of fondness.  I guess as we plan to raise and probably butcher our own animals we may have a unique chance to try some of those out.  Like they were telling me .....nothing should go to waste.  I can't help but be the modern day girl that I am and my knee jerk reaction is yuck!  Maybe I won't be channeling her after all. 

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