Monday, January 24, 2011

counter offer

Their counter offer was terrible.  They barely left their original price and are refusing to make any of our requested repairs.  Mind you we haven't had the place inspected yet so there might be more needed to the place than what we requested.  I have a feeling that this may end up being a dead end.  We have a price in our heads that sounds just right for this house and they are still 10k above that price in their counter offer.  We plan to counter back but I don't think they will like it.

Tomorrow I go and look at another house, one that is in the running right up with the one we bid on.  Its in the next county....about a 1400 sq ft log cabin on 8+ acres w/ a barn.  I've heard from my husband that its a tad small but we should be able to work it out.  Its out in the middle of nowhere so I don't suspect anyone would have a problem if we added on to it in the future.  (One of the things I won't miss from our old cookie cutter, vinyl village home we used to live in...the one with a restrictive HOA)

My seed order arrived in the mail today and I'm feeling so charged for this spring's garden.  I need to start a few seeds soon for cold weather crops and artichokes but we have no place to set up the mini-greenhouse.  We really need to find a place soon!


  1. Ugh! I hate when that happens! I'm so sorry, but the log cabin sounds interesting! What county is it in? You can email at clpopiela at aol dot com if you don't want to post here!I'm also jealous of your seeds!

  2. Its in Henry County, IN. IT was really interesting but NO storage. I liked it but we'd have to get creative on pantry storage and just regular stuff like off season clothes, baby stuff etc. It had a fantastic 4 stall horse barn....if only we could live in the barn-nevermind.

    I did get some hint of good news on the first house so by noon tomorrow I should have confirmation.

  3. Ohh!! You'll have to let us know!! :)