Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting things together

I finally sorted my seeds and found out that I have no less than 6 varieties/packets of beets, 3 of the same variety packets of spinach, 3 each of pea types and green bean types....what I'm saying here is "Hi, my name is Melody and I am a seed addict".  Kinda feeling like a hoarder about now.  A hoarder who will have a really awesome, yummy garden this year.
The house is still in the works.  We have an inspection coming up on Wednesday that will make or break the deal (not worried though).  If they find anything major we can walk from it.  Fortunately my husband and a friend who happens to be a contractor had already looked at the house inside and out (except the roof) and determined it looked pretty good AND there was an inspection from two years ago that a bunch of things were brought up and fixed at that time.
We are still undecided if we are selling our 9 acre lot.  On the one hand, its a great lot for growing hay, animal feeds and grains.  We could fatten up grazing animals over there if we added some fencing and there is a lot of wild fruits along the perimeter that are pretty awesome.  On the other hand though, its a monthly payment that doesn't really earn its keep now.  The money we pay into that lot every month could go a long way into the new house and its acreage.  Also the upkeep of the lot is a pretty decent task all by itself.  We had been relying on a local guy to cut the hay but if you've been keeping up with my blog you already know that so far that hasn't been really working out.  So if we keep it, we could really use to buy a tractor and hay cutting equipment.  More $$.
If we keep it then we really need to earn money off of it.  Enough to offset at least some of its costs.  Steers could pretty easily do that as the demand for grassfed beef is pretty good, we'd need to purchase though the livestock, fencing, vet bills and processor fees.  A CSA could do it pretty well too, but for that option we really do need a tractor.  An orchard could work, but there are a lot of apple orchards around here. Pastured poultry, maybe, but I'm concerned that we'd have trouble keeping them safe from predators when we aren't right there for them.
Sorry guys, I get to thinking on paper sometimes with this blog and just start rambling on.  I'll keep you posted as things get interesting.

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