Saturday, March 26, 2011

Home at last!

This has been a whirlwind of a week.  Back and forth from the apartment to the house, moving bits and pieces of our stuff to the new place.  Today we rented the moving truck and moved the storage unit contents over.  We are all pretty tired!

Oh, and we have chickens!  A friend who has chickens graciously gave us 7 hens to get us started (she says they aren't well trained- not that I care at this point) and we've already collected 7 eggs since Wednesday when I brought them home.  The last couple days though they slowed down with the cold snap we got.  They have been having a hay-day (nevermind the pun) in our barn, picking through the old hay stash for bugs and worms and stuff.  They also are quite fond of table scraps and we are thoroughly amused by all their happy chicken sounds.

I've been removing wallpaper with the help of some friends; what a task!  Right now that project is on hold because my husband's office has now taken priority since we were trying to have a bit of overlap on the cable hookup for internet but the company who supplies it says we can't.  I still have to get the final bit of paint on the walls, get the desk bought, assembled and outfitted and then back to the rest of the house.

We've really been enjoying it here.  The big windows make for fantastic mornings, much like being at a vacation home with its sweeping views.  I still need to clean out the wild bird feeders but even without seed we are visited by nuthatches, purple finches, blue jays and cardinals.   There is one male cardinal that likes to tap on my son's bedroom window.  We think he might be fighting a competitor aka his reflection.  What fun!  I'll put up new pics next Wednesday...maybe pick up the wordless Wednesday trend.

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