Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quick update

Wow, who knew moving and trying to get a farm (even if its just a hobby farm) up and going would keep me so very busy!  and its expensive!
Monday our chicks arrived.  I know there are 6 Buff Orphs, 3 Blue Andulusians and 2 Arcaunas for our layers since I picked those by breed.  The "all heavy males" though are a fantastic mix of colors.  It looks like we have Turkens, Barred Rocks, RIRs, White Orphs and I think I noticed some Black Cornish and Light Brahmas but its hard to say.  They gave us about 5 extras too, I'm assuming males also.  We have 1 mystery chick that I think is a White Blue Andulusian but I don't know what gender or even if thats correct.  Its fun trying to figure them out though.
I've been talking to a couple goat breeders and I have choices of Nubian, French Alpine and Saanen goats for our home dairy.  I cleaned the barn today in preparation of whatever we bring home and I order from Caprine Supply a first aid kit and a milking kit.  I also picked up a fence energizer and rope electric line for restringing our fence line.  Still so much to do!
Our current flock of 7 layers have already paid for their feed bag and still have a 1/4 bag left so they are proving their worth.  They are now averaging between 4 and 7 eggs a day.  We finally had enough to share with our very helpful neighbor who was so kind to till us a garden space with his tractor.  Yay for good neighbors!!

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  1. Enjoying reading about your new adventures with the hobby farm. We currently have a flock of 6 and just recently purchased 6 buff orpingtons. It is also of work to raise them from chicks. Can't wait for them to be outside on their own. But they are awful cute.