Monday, December 5, 2011

Who needs a blood test when you have ultrasound?

My neighbor is proving to be quite the person to know.  He's been talking to us about a friend of his who is a local vet trying to sell of some of their dairy goats.  I was telling him we were planning to add another doe in the spring and maybe get a buck to breed with (Those long trips to Angola, I love that breeder but I don't care to ruin my truck again).  Anyhow that particular vet was ultrasounding her goats on that particular day and she came out and did ours too.  Kissee is having at least twins and it appear her pregnancy is healthy.  Makes me so happy to know this.  So come around March 15th we will have a couple spring loaded goat kids around here :)

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  1. Oh I am jealous!!! I have one doe I'm just not sure on & would love to have an ultrasound done on her! Not to mention being able to have an idea of how many kids are coming is nice! :)