Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Winter Slow Down

Everything has slowed down now that most of the winter holidays are behind us and we are down to the animals that we plan to keep from year to year.  Kissee is getting kinda large with those twins in there and her milk is nearly dried off.  Partly that's my fault, we started moving her to 1 a day milkings and her numbers tanked.  Now here we are about 20 days away from her planned dry off date and she's giving so little milk its not really worth the effort to clean the pail, strainer and strip cup.  So tonight is her last official milking, anything beyond this will be to keep her comfortable and nothing more.  We will miss that milk for sure.  Store bought cow's milk, even the organic, tastes old to me.

The hens are still laying in nearly full force.  We are getting anywhere from 8-14 eggs a day, one of those is a duck egg.  I'm in awe of our duck, she lays more reliably than the hens do!  Anyhow, these girls easily overwhelm us in their quantity of eggs so I took about 7 dozen to the family Christmas and needless to say I returned empty handed.  Our chicks are still doing great, we still have the remaining 7 and the 2 that appeared to be roosters still do look like roosters so once the weather improves for spring we will add them to the deep freeze.

I think I might have mentioned it already (I guess I can go look it up) but I had started making goat milk soap back in November and we can finally use the bars.  They aren't great at sudsing but they are really nice feeling on your skin, not drying at all.  They remind me of Cetaphil in how they feel in your hands, but without the dry it leaves behind.   The first batch was Oatmeal, the second which I made in December is lavender/mint.  Now that one I can't wait until its ready!  Its smells so amazing!

So that's whats going on here.  Nothing too exciting.  Anything going on with you?


  1. Thanks for the eggs and soap. Much appreciated. The Yolks on those eggs are so dark...I'm not used to that for the store eggs. Your chickens must be happy chickens!_love, sis

  2. aww thanks! They seem to be happy chickens.