Monday, June 4, 2012

Fire! (Luckily, not a bad one)

I like to think of us a being prepared to deal with almost anything.  So when something comes up I'm not prepared for, after things have died down I replay everything in my head.  Where could I have done better?  What could I do to prepare better next time?  Yesterday we had a brooder/barn fire.  Nothing terribly serious, actually I think I may have personally gotten the worst of it.

We had a brooder lamp set up to keep the barn babies warm (goslings, ducklings and chicks) while they get their feathers.  The chicks are nearly old enough to go without it but the waterbabies aren't....although they don't need it much.  Anyhow, the lamp fell into the bedding and started a fire....I'm guessing by the damage it was a pretty slow fire.  The babies were all huddled under the open barn window away from the fire, which probably saved them.  The fire damaged the adjoining stall wall and a portion of the brooder wall, some dishes and of course some bedding.  We were out on a church picnic, when we got home, I went to the barn to let the goats out.  Of course I find smoke and fire so I got the goats out right away to  the pasture, when I returned I could hear the barn babies (I'd pretty much at first assumed they were lost) so I grabbed a water hose and aimed through the barn window to put the fire out.  Once I thought it was out I ran in and unplugged the lamp at the outlet and ran back outside to get some air....very smoky!  The neighbor's daughter was out so I recruited her to help me run the babies out....the fire was mostly out but it was still pretty smokey.  Once everyone was out I used the hose some more and went to grab my husband (why didn't I get him first?  I don't the moment I just wanted to get everyone out)  He helped me get the rest of the smolders out, water everyone and evaluate the damage.

I ended up inhaling some smoke, nothing life threatening but it was enough to trigger some asthma so I went the ER for a breathing treatment.  I probably wouldn't have went if I weren't pregnant but better safe than sorry right?  Anyhow, I felt a lot better after that and other than I was beat when it was all said and done....really no one was hurt.

I'm trying to think of something nice to do for our neighbor's daughter....I want to say she's 16 or 17, maybe a Starbucks card and a Thank You note?

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