Sunday, September 2, 2012

September update

This might be the only update I get to this month.  I've been happily busy with this cutie pie.  She might be the prettiest newborn I've ever laid eyes on.....but then again, I'm biased.  She arrived August 1st so now she's officially a month old.

I had a c-section, which normally I recover fast and easily from surgery and I started out that way, but I developed a seroma which reopened my incision so this recovery has been quite hard.  I'm still recovering and I have a feeling I'm still weeks away from normal.  I also have a nerve in my leg that's making me crazy that I have to get looked at so when you combine the two....I'm just not quite up to being myself yet.  Luckily I have this snuggly, warm newborn to keep me anchored in a seat so it's easy to take it easy.  

So let me share one more picture of my kiddos before I move on to the barnyard.  My son loves her so much.  He's always asking to hold her, kiss her, and he always wants to be near her.  Wasn't exactly what I expected him to do.  I really thought he'd be so jealous he'd have a hard time adjusting but really he's done well.  

So the barnyard, honestly...not much new has happened.  All the spring babies look like mini-adults.  They all have done so well, they forage well and we've been getting a steady stream of eggs from the girls (albeit a smaller amount of eggs than we probably should be getting).  We have about 10 roosters and 3 ducks that need to find their way into our freezer, but with everything going on around here we haven't gotten to it.

Our nubian buck, Sonny, is now registered as Wyatt's Pride Sun King *B and he just turned a year old.  He's a handsome boy but he is beginning to feel his testosterone so we use a pretty reasonable amount of caution with him.  Now, we just need a few good does to breed to him :)

So for now, that's my update.  I know it's not much but we've really been quite wrapped up with the new baby and a lot of our outdoor activities have been on hold.  This farming thing is much easier with two people.

Gobble, Gobble! 

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