Friday, February 22, 2013


Shopping for the farm, that is.  I get way too excited over this stuff.  So here's what I've got on order:

Viking Aronia Berry
Ben Lear Cranberries
Chicago hardy Figs
Montmorency Sour Cherries,
Gold Rush Apples

I still need to order blueberries, maybe grapes, definitely raspberries and blackberries.  Some of those will depend on how my propagation efforts go.  So far my attempt to propagate raspberry has not worked, mostly because I did it wrong and tried to snip it now...I guess you are supposed to wait until summer.  I did snip some grape cuttings, they've leafed out and even put out blossom buds (which I pinched off) but still no roots.  I don't even know what type of grape they are.  It's whatever the prior owner planted and we still haven't seen any fruit on.

If you haven't seen my facebook page for the farm lately, you'll see that we have a name.  A real farm name! Even better is we have a herd name for our future Nubian herd.  Obviously we have nothing to name right now.  I'm hoping I'll get to start that change tomorrow.  I'm checking out a goat, hopefully she'll be a good fit and I'll bring her home.  I'm so hopeful of this that I have a stall prepped and the trailer readied.

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