Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Trying to get out more

  1. I need to get out. Having my DS has made me realize that I need to meet some people who have kids around his age and meet a few people for myself too. I was invited to a knitting circle this evening and I really enjoyed the company of a few like minds...actually I was a little surprised how much I had in common with them. I always thought myself to be a little out there but I think maybe I'm just a little out there with my old friends. Does that change who I am if I'm not a bit weird? Nah, I'm still weird...just they are too!
  2. (btw..not sure why this is numbering my just is) a few weeks ago I went to a Shy/Lonely moms play date which I unfortunately arrived late and only really made the acquaintance of one other mom there. I probably would have fared better if I had arrived earlier, before everyone had settled in.
  3. Prior to that I went to another play date that I had a great time at. Lots of people, I seemed to have things in common with. Hopefully I get the hang of all of this and manage to make a few new friends.

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  1. I remember that so well. Will was about 10 months when I started going to the Indy Attachment Parenting group. So many like-minded, earthy-birthy moms. Will hated the car and screamed all the way there and back, but it was worth it for my sanity.