Saturday, November 28, 2009

Whole Wallet

Eek! We decided to go to Whole Foods today. I like to rotate grocery stores for variety and so this week it was Whole Foods. What a mistake!!! I did find some organic frozen fruits and veggies which was my main goal to make for baby food but in the process I picked up a few other thing and my total bill was $130!!! I didn't even come close to filling the cart...heck I didn't even get all the things on my list. They were so expensive and we thought some of their pricing was a bit shady even. For example we bought a bag of wild shrimp prepackaged, the sign said 9.98 on the bin, we grab one and I checked the reciept and it was 19.96...went back in talked to customer service and they explained the 9.98 per pound but the bags were 2 pounds....there were no 1 pound bags so to me this is deceptive marketing. In the frozen fruits they had 10 oz bags of fruit at eye level for the same price as 1 lb bags on the lower shelves...hmmm...again a bit deceptive! I had thought this was a pretty wholesome place to shop but now I'm scorned and never going back. I'll stick to my usual stores: Meijer, Walmart, Kroger, Marsh, and Trader Joes where I know I can usually find a good buy.
I will say this though...they did have nice, American made baby toys. Just saying

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