Thursday, November 11, 2010


The new of raw milk and cheese raids just keep rolling in don't they?  This Grist article suggests the problem will get worse and not that that is any surprise to me but it still just makes my stomach ball up to hear about it.  So it brings me to a pretty final realization in my head that dairy is out of the realm of possibilities for us.  No herd shares, no underground, no nada! 

Quick funny mental image but my son has been singing "cow, cow, cow, moo!" as I'm typing this..not sure why but its super cute.

It makes me wonder though, if I say takes my cheese or any kind of dairy product say to a pitchin or a family get together....will I be breaking the law?  Say I make my bread with whey from the cheese I make, is my bread illegal (for sale that is)?

I'm not even sure if we will drink our milk raw.  There is an awful lot of hype about its "healing" properties and quite frankly I'm not so sure.  One producer from my FB page said they "healed" three chronic illnesses with their milk.  A baby with an ear infection, a three year old with a runny nose and a viral infection in an first off...why wasn't the baby drinking human milk?  Seems like a momma as crunchy as to server her baby raw milk would breastfeed....not buying it. 

Going off course here but anyone follow the supposed food gurus?  Mercola, Weil, Weston A. Price, heck even Dr. Oz jumps in there....who are you supposed to believe?  They all have some overlap and some contradictions to each other but in trying to follow any of their advice I find myself really confused over simple things like say canola oil- which I don't use much because most of it is GMO- but Mercola and Price say its rancid unhealthy oil and Weil and Oz tout its as very healthy. Butter, which I use a lot of, is praised by Price and maybe Mercola but for Weil and Oz its unhealthy saturated fat.  Meats are avoided for all but Price.  Soaked grains to remove phytic acid or unsoaked to help move out cholesterol?  See how confusing this can be?  Of course this comes back to raw milk as Mercola and Price sing raw milk praises.  Not sure about the other two but Oz would probably warn about how dangerous it is.

Thats all I have, sorry for my rambling on and on.  Its been that kind of week already!


  1. I don't think Mercola and Price have a lot in commone (with food recommendations) as Weil and Oz other than all recommending low amounts of processed foods and lots of veggies.

    That said... I think you'd really really enjoy reading Nina Planck's book "Real Food." She writes very realistically (no magic cures) and cites sources for her recommendations.

    The best reason to drink your own raw milk (if you get a goat or cows) is because it tastes amazingly delicious.

  2. I'll have to check out that book (I just added it to my amazon so as soon as I have enough swag$ I'll get it on my pc/kindle). I found a really cool lab online that runs blood work for dairy animals so once we get whatever and the blood work returns clean I may have to try a little raw milk. Just need to be sure I'm not going to catch something zoonotic from it :)