Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The bank stuff is in the works now.

We have the official bank approval (before it was a pre-approval) and locked in our interest rate for the term of the loan.  The closing date is set for mid-March so we are really looking forward to moving in late March. 
I have the quote for insurance too.  Since we will be keeping livestock, no ordinary insurance will do (of course!) since we need liability coverage in case one of our critters injures someone.  Its about $60 or so a month higher in cost than normal house insurance.  Not loving that part.
Oh and I now have recently educated myself in what to call the style of this house.  Its a mid-century modern.  As soon as I did a google search it was very clear that is what it is.  I think we'll eventually replace our furniture will cool mid-century styles as they wear out or as the funds become available.  It does though seem a bit strange to have a retro cool house but farm-y stuff outside, but it might be just perfect for us.

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