Monday, February 21, 2011

Moving Day- coming up

We are starting to plan out our moving day.  Closing is now only 19 days away (YAY!!!!!!) and I suppose its time to start thinking that way.  We are planning the big part of the move on March 26th.  We figure that will give us time to get in there, get any appliances (fridge!) installed before there are obstacles and repairs made (waste pipe) out of the way.  Also my hubby says we must repaint his office/bedroom before he starts working in there.  I guess butterflies don't really suit him.  Other To Do's include getting all the utilities including broadband hooked up since my hubby works from home its an absolute must. 

I've set up a Facebook event on my personal FB page if anyone wants to help us move.  We will be serving lunch so there is free food involved :)

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