Friday, June 17, 2011

100th post- Images of my day today

Some type of wild oats I'm saving the seeds on.  My goats/turkey/ducks/geese/chickens all think this stuff is super tasty

Daisy hiding in the landscape


Tire swing

Apricots, still not quite there yet

The garden, a month after planting looks amazing

Kissee and York hiding in the pasture shed

The boys, now almost 10 weeks old

Don't they look like trouble?

This is one of the roosters free ranging, recovering from a tail wound (that is why his tail is purple)

fresh eggs! I love having fresh eggs all the time :)

The hen chicks, almost 10 weeks old

look at these turkeys- 9 weeks old- huge!

teenage African goose - 9 weeks

The remaining pekin ducks and crested drakes

so if you whistle to turkeys, the boys will bark back

their heads turn red when they are excited- this one in front is the dominant male turkey of the bunch

this one I'm pretty sure is one of the hens, we suspect there are 2

no idea what these are called, but I like them

My son's play house, 3rd hand toys are the best!


  1. Hey Melody,
    Really enjoying your blog. My Mom calls those flowers "Red Hot Pokers". I'm sure Google knows if that's accurate or not, but I just like the name, so I'll leave it mystery for myself!

  2. Thats a good enough name for me :) Thats pretty much what they look like.