Saturday, June 25, 2011

I hate drama

Aye, yiye, yiye!  My life is usually pretty calm.  I avoid drama as much as possible.  However it seems to find me.  This time it was goats and septic. 
First, I'll tell you about the goats.  So my husband brought the goats in from the rain (again, lots of rain here right now) a couple days ago and apparently the bottom stall door didn't latch or came unlatched.  It doesn't really matter what exactly happened but the goats got out and I came down to check on everyone a couple hours after he brought them in and found their greedy little heads deep into the feed sacks!  Now if a human overeats, we get a tummy ache; if a goat overeats on grain, they could die.  No exaggeration!  So I grab some tubes of activated charcoal and start forcing it down these guys throats and get some advice from the Homesteading Today goat forum on what we do next.  Lots of good advice from that place, really its a priceless resource since goats are a veterinary no man's land.  So the next advice we followed was to get baking soda into these two.  Worked for York but Kissee is a whole nuther story.  That girl is really really strong! and nearly as heavy as I am (mind you I'm a big girl)!  So the next day I went to the country girl's walmart (read: Tractor Supply) and bought some CD antitoxin and some really big fat needles.  Let me tell you how much fun it is to inject under the skin of a goat Kissee's size.  That evening, actually the whole time Kissee looked pretty good but I was really worried about York.  York is about half of Kissee's weight and I think the grain affected him far more.  That night, I wasn't sure he'd be alive the next morning.  His bloat was really bad, if you thumped him he reminded you of a drum or a watermelon and his midsection nearly met the level of his backbone.  Anyhow, he was great by the middle of the next day and has been fine since.  No sign of founder least yet.

Now for the septic.  We had it pumped out last week.  This week we were still hearing gurguling in our bath out the plumber thinking it might be a clog.  He after much looking and inspecting pops the top of our new riser off and sure enough, its filled again.  I talked to a nearby neighbor and he says its pretty common around here for the water table to flood the septic.  Great!  So I think we'll wait it out and check the tank in a week or so and see what the level looks like.  In the mean time we are going to dig to find the Dbox and see what it looks like under the lid.  Lucky us.

Thursday was our 10th wedding anniversary.  Most of the time I think I'm pretty luck to have met a man and married him who still makes me tingle when he kisses me and is always interesting to talk to and be with.  Its not perfect, anyone who's been married for a while would tell you the same.  But here we are 10 years later seeing the realization of a dream we've had for some time.  This is good place to be.

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  1. Awe, lucky in love. Nothing better! Happy Anniversary and I am glad the goats seem to be holding their own.