Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Expensive milk!

I'm going to break down the list of stuff so far I've bought for this goat- not including fencing, I'll estimate that one.  Its amazing how quickly its added up!  I probably could have bought a less expensive doe, but I wanted to start with good genetics so here we are:

2 goats $450.00 ($400 for the milker, $50 for the wether)
1 bag of ADM goat feed 50# (lasts about 25 days) $13.00
2 bags of alfalfa pellets 40# $20.00 (lasts about 25 days)
1 bag black oil sunflower seeds 50# on sale for $15.00
estimated fence upgrades $250.00
baking soda 3# $5.00
loose goat minerals 8# $20.00
diamond v yeast culture $6.00
kelp 10# $24.00
herbal wormer $20
udder wash $6.50
charcoal gel (emergency use x3) $22.00
milk kit (pail, strip cup, udder spray, funnel, filters) $70
goat first aid kit $58.00
shoo fly spray $21.00
mo milk supplement $10.00
10 bales of straw $35.00

I've left off a few things that we bought and turned out to be a waste a goat mineral block.  I'm leaving out cheesemaking supplies too because I would buy those with or without a goat.  I'll be glad when we get things down to just reorders on the couple of things they need monthly.

We've been having some issue with keeping her supply up so we've started milking her 3x a day.  That's a lot of pail washing!  I don't know if we will get to stop that anytime soon so I may have to invest in a second milk pail to cut down on all the washing.  I also need to invest in a stainless steel pot that can hold 2 gallons of milk for hard cheese.

Expensive milk indeed! 


  1. Ouch! Don't ya know your not supposed to put goat expense numbers on paper???? Your better off not knowing :) lol

    The milk is worth it though :) As are the goats.... I adore my lil group!


  2. Haha! No kidding. We just love having them around.