Monday, November 9, 2009

6 month update

Yay! DS is a half a year old already...which is crazy because I'm still trying to get used to the idea that I'm a mommy. He's growing so fast and at 27" long and 18#s he's a lot of baby to carry around. I'm discovering the fine art of babywearing is coming in really handy at his size. I bought a lovely Mei Tai and I can just sling him onto my back for walks and to clean the house if I need to and it works fantastic...highly recommended. I even had my 38# niece C on my back and really the sling held her well, C was comfortable and it wasn't bad at all to carry her. Back to DS though he really enjoys walks; heck sometimes like tonight that is the best way to calm him down. He's such a funny guy, really.

So speaking of funny, he's becoming mobile, rolling around, does a version of a crab walk and scoots backwards on the floor. And then there is the exersaucer and he bounces about and spins to which ever toy he wants to gnaw on all while having the best time. DH loves to play with him a matter of fact I often need him to play with DS just to help him exhaust some of his extra energy so we can get down to the business of getting to bed.

We are still breastfeeding but now we are starting to introduce solids. I was totally gun-ho on the idea but now I'm finding it too easy to nurse him instead of prepare some kind of food. My original plan was to have DH feed him his solid foods but we forget and so it doesn't end up happening that way. Oh well, its still early in the game and DS isn't that excited about replacing his milk with solid food yet.

Our babe seems to be teething, oh it must be just miserable with the way he acts. I have teething rings, teething tablets, tylenol, numbing gel....nothing seems to work. Lots of drool and lots of chewing on fingers and such. I just feel so bad for him.

We are also still using cloth diapers, still hanging in there. I suppose unless solids start to pose a really laundry challenge for us we will do so until he is potty trained. Its really not been that hard and boy its a whole lot cheaper and more convenient than running out for a new pack or dealing with the blowout.

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