Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shower madness

Ugh! and Yay! DS is newly mobile, not in the traditional way but he does a version of a crabwalk using his head, arching his back and scooting his feet/butt. Its really cute but its creating a dilemma when it comes to taking a shower in the morning. For the last several months I have put him in his baby bouncer and he's been happy and he plays with the mobile on it. Now when I put him in it he squirms about, trying to get out of it I'm assuming? Anyhow its now unsafe to leave him in it and so I'm at a loss what to do. If I put him on the bed (surrounded by a barricade of pillows of course) he just cries after he gets tired of whatever toys I've put out for him and I just can't bear to just leave him crying if its avoidable. Yesterday I tried putting him on the floor and he scooted himself off the blanket and up against the wall and again...cried. same with the crib. I do have an exersaucer but being in a two story home lugging it up and down the stairs is a pain. I do have a playpen for him but again with the keeping him occupied issue. Maybe I'll check out Once Upon a Child for an entertainer of some kind to keep upstairs.

any ideas?

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