Thursday, November 26, 2009


I type this as I settle down for the evening and nurse my DS before bedtime. He is the reason for my thankfulness this year. Two years ago, I was in the hospital with a herniated disc and was induced and delivered my dead daughter. It was the worst possible way to spend Thanksgiving. Last year was significantly better as I was pregnant with our son, but I probably still wasn't quite in the spirit as in August my dad passed way somewhat unexpectedly. This is our year!!! We have our baby, our darling boy...I'm not going to pretend that babies are the answer to anything but having him has helped to heal my heart. He is truly a joy, not just to me but to my family as my dad's passing was a hard realization to all of us of our own mortality.

This year, we have our baby...I still miss her, miss my dad; but my dad would have loved my DS and had she survived, we would be in a different place and most likely would have a child that had some level of disability and would have never had our DS.

I am thankful this year that we have our new family. What a joy :D


  1. I am thankful that my friend & her family has a darling, beautiful, bundle of joy sent direct from heaven wearing a blue ribbon!!! Shika